We here at NippleDick.com want you to have the
largest nipples that you desire.
We have a selection of nipple enlargement
equipment at very attractive prices.

The best system is the light weight
vacuum pump with the cylinder size of your
choice. This system may cost a little more
but is good for a lifetime of use. After your
initial pump you can disconnect from
the pump and only reconnect when more vacuum is needed.

The lower cost bulb pumps are just right
for the person that just wants to have fun
with nipple enlarging.
Well it really is no secret!
What do you do when you
want bigger, stronger arms?

You exercise them right?

You do the same thing when
you want bigger, longer nipples.
Men have been using Vacuum pumps and a special design acrylic glass cylinder to increase the size of their penises for many years with excellent success. This process not only works well but is a lot of fun.
Penis Enlarging:
After a little pumping to increase
the size of your nipples you might
want to use a set of our nipple suckers
to keep your nipples up and long as you go about your daily chores.

We have a great selection from the basic black to the new european designs. The vibrating suckers can not be beat for enjoyment.
Best Nipple Enlarging:
After Pumping Fun:
What is a Nipple Wrap?
When you have spent some time pumping up those nipples you
want them to stay up and perky to show them off. But they don't.

After just a little while they are no longer long. They are still sensitive
but you can't show that off. That is why we designed the NippleWraps.
If you want to sustain that look and feel of largeness and perkiness the NippleWrap
will keep your nipples large, hard and oh so sensitive.

Made of Satin elastic with easy on easy off
elastic loop they come in 3 different sizes so you can take advantage of your pumping success.

We want you to have the biggest NippleDick on your block.

The NippleWraps were so popular in our circle that we decided to patent them.

Be the first in your circle to show off your NippleDick.
Putting on the NippleWraps
you will know why we call
this site NippleDick.com.

Wearing these is like having
2 hard cocks on your chest.

Imagine the possibilities and fun you can have while wearing these.

We placed a bead at the top not only to hold the wrap on but to explore those most sensitive areas of your partner.
NippleDick.com Copyright 2005 ----- NippleWraps tm (Patent Pending)